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Washington Wizards media day open thread

It's here. The season is coming soon. Check back for media day updates.

UPDATE #11: Lots of things were said and talked about a media day, but one thing will remain unanswered: Why was Marcin Gortat wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat?

UPDATE #10: Seeing STOCKTON 12 on a Wizards jersey is FAR weirder than seeing Pierce in a Wizards jersey, at least to us.

UPDATE #9: John Wall just got done talking with reporters and he dropped a few interesting nuggets:

He also took a selfie with Paul Pierce and it's all kinds of weird.

At the end of his interview, Paul Pierce bailed Wall out to take more pictures:

UPDATE #8: Bradley Beal understands how to respect his elders:

UPDATE #7: Who is going to replace Trevor Ariza as the Wizards' defensive stopper on the perimeter? According to Marcin Gortat, the answer could be...Glen Rice Jr.

UPDATE #6: Martell Webster continues to be vague about when he'll return from back surgery, but this is encouraging.

He was initially supposed to miss 3-5 months as of late June. Ahead of that schedule would mean Webster is healthy now ... so that's obviously not what he means. But maybe he plays sooner in the season than we think.

UPDATE #5: Paul Pierce is actually a freakin' Washington Wizard, people.

UPDATE #4: It's not truly Media Day until Marcin Gortat and Nene have done something silly together.

UPDATE #3: Your prayers have been answered. Here's Otto Porter with muscles!

UPDATE #2: Why don't we just rename the Wizards the Mohawks?

The only correct answer to that question is Martell Webster. But for what it's worth, according to Marcin Gortat, he is sexual white chocolate and Webster sexual black chocolate. The more you know.

UPDATE #1: Apparently Drew Gooden's jersey will now read 'GOODEN III' on the back.

In other jersey news, DeJuan Blair will be wearing #45 this year, just like he did in San Antonio and Dallas. This is notable because it's the first time the team has issued #45 since Phil Chenier played with the Bullets.

(Pic via J. Michael of CSN Washington)

And here's Paul Pierce in his Wizards jersey, because we like showing you things that are still very weird.:


It's here. Media day! The season! That loooooooooong offseason that wasn't actually that long is finally over. It's time for one of the most heavily-anticipated Wizards seasons to get underway. Media day begins at 11 a.m. and will run until the early afternoon.

We're going to use this open thread to post in any interesting tidbits we see throughout the day. Nick and Umair will be in attendance in D.C., as will SB Nation featured writer Sarah Kogod. These are the folks to follow if you enjoy Twitter:

Our Twitter: @BulletsForever

Umair Khan, Bullets Forever: @UKhanNBA

Nick Bilka, Bullets Forever: @nbilka

Sarah Kogod, @SarahKogod

Washington Wizards official: @WashWizards

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If you're not Twitter inclined, Amin, Jake and I will drop in insights throughout the day. Then, Nick and Umair will have much more in the coming 24 hours or so.

It's happening, y'all.