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Paul Pierce is ready to beat up teams that come to the Verizon Center

We expected Paul Pierce to bring toughness and intensity to the Wizards, but now we're starting to get worried.

We've seen in recent years how the Wizards have benefitted from the veteran leadership of Nene, Andre Miller, Al Harrington and Drew Gooden, among others as the team builds around John Wall. But now that Paul Pierce has joined the mix, he's added a whole new level of veteran intensity to the team that Otto Porter seems to be enjoying. Here's what he had to say about working with Paul PIerce to J. Michael of CSN Washington:

"Today I heard him say, "Hey, we got to protect home court this year. Anybody who come up here, they're going to get beaten up.' I was like, 'That's what I'm talking about.' I hadn't heard that in here. I'm about that. That's how it was at Georgetown. Protect home court, always. ... That's going to change."


If the Wizards show up like this for the season opener, you'll know the transformation is complete.


Photoshop credit: @swedendc, as if you thought it would be someone else.