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John Wall sets big goals in SLAM interview

On the Great Wall of China, Wall reflects on his journey, his aspirations, and his game. In what area of his game does he see room for improvement?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall wasn't shy about stating his ambitions as a basketball player in an interview with Slam China writer Karen Madhok:  "I'm trying to be the best point guard of the League next year and lead my team to the Finals."

In a wide ranging discussion conducted while Wall was touring China with Adidas, Wall touches on last year's players only meeting, being cut from the FIBA World Cup team, and the things he can do to improve as a player.

Asked about the process of decision making while playing at such a high speed, Wall hit on some things he can do to improve in that aspect of his game:

"With me, it’s more just…I can read defenses early. I know how defenses are guarding me or where the help is coming from. So it’s just about tightening my handle. Sometimes I lose the ball: Guys stick their hand in and poke it away. [I work on] making the read: You might be playing against a great defender that night that could be quicker than you. There are little careless things like jumping in the air and making passes, trying to make the home-run play rather than the basic play. That’s just coming from the time I’ve spent studying film. That’s what I do in my off time, I try to watch basketball 24/7."

This is an aspect of Wall's game that he could certainly improve on. The jump passes with no particular destination in mind or no backup plan if his destination was covered, often resulted in unforced turnovers last year for the Wizards as Mike pointed out last year. It's encouraging that Wall has studied the film and is set on fixing this part of his play.

The whole piece is worth a read, especially, for Wall's frequent talk of his goals in the NBA. When asked about Paul Pierce joining the team, Wall makes clear the destination he has in mind:

"He’s a guy that’s been to the places that I wanna go; winning the NBA Championship. That’s my biggest goal. I’ve made the Playoffs, now my goal is to bring a Championship to DC. That’s something I’ve always preached. That’s what I’m all about."