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Bradley Beal, Paul Pierce, Nene and Marcin Gortat are all practically the same player, according to NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 has revealed the latest round of ratings for players in this year's game, and almost all of the Wizards' starters are lumped into the same group.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The start of a new season means that a new NBA 2K15 is on the way. A new NBA 2K15 means that there's a new round of player rankings on the way for fans to debate about until the season begins. As part of their unveiling of this year's rankings, NBA 2K released the ratings for 75th through the 51st best players in the NBA. In doing so, they included 80 percent of the Wizards' projected starting roster for this season.

Here's where Bradley Beal, Paul PierceNene and Marcin Gortat stand among the best players in the NBA, according to NBA 2K15:

Player Name NBA 2K Rank NBA 2K Rating
Bradley Beal 55 81
Marcin Gortat 57 81
Paul Pierce 59 81
Nene 68 80

So there you have it. According to NBA 2K, 4/5ths of the Wizards' starting is basically identical in overall quality. While it's a little odd to see all four bunched so close together, it's nice to hear someone say the Wizards have five of the 70 best players in the NBA, even if only in virtual reality.

We're still waiting to hear John Wall's overall rating for this year, but if NBA 2K15 cover boy Kevin Durant had his way, he would have John Wall as a 90, for what it's worth.