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John Stockton's son, David Stockton, to join Wizards for training camp

The Wizards are bringing in the NBA Hall of Famer's son in for training camp to help with guard depth while Garrett Temple nurses an injury.

Ethan Miller

UPDATE: According to CSN Washington, Stockton worked out with the Wizards are Tuesday and will be with the Wizards for training camp. You can read the original story below.

If you thought the Wizards were going to get through this season with only one son of a former NBA great on the roster, you might be wrong.

According to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post and J. Michael at CSN Washington, the Wizards plan on bringing in David Stockton, the son of John Stockton, for a workout this week with the potential that it could lead to a deal with the Wizards for training camp.

David Stockton plays point guard, a position where the Wizards are well-stocked with John Wall, Andre Miller and Garrett Temple, so you wouldn't think there's a need for another one in camp. But according to J. Michael's report, there's a need for an extra guard at the moment because Temple isn't 100 percent at the moment.

Stockton, or another guard, will be brought in, has confirmed, likely because reserve guard Garrett Temple is dealing with a hamstring issue. Temple has been training at Verizon Center primarily with Glen Rice, Otto Porter and Silas.

If Temple isn't ready to go for the start of the season, there's always a chance whoever winds up being signed to camp could be on the roster to start the regular season, to give Temple more time to recover. If Stockton is the guy, here's to hoping the Wizards can utilize his shot-blocking skills.