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Chris Singleton reportedly signing with Pacers, Khem Birch heads to Miami

The former Wizards' first-round pick will hope to revive his career in Indiana.

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Chris Singleton is heading to the Indiana Pacers, according to noteworthy European journalist David Pick.

The Indianapolis Star confirmed the news. Contract details aren't out yet, but I can't imagine it's for anything more than the minimum. If for some reason it is, it'll likely come out of the injury exception the Pacers got from Paul George's injury.

Singleton certainly will have a chance to earn some PT this year given George's injury and Lance Stephenson's departure. C.J. Miles is the likely starter at small forward, with Solomon Hill, Chris Copeland and new signee Damjan Rudez slotting somewhere behind them. This is a good landing spot for C-Sing.

The question is whether he'll able to regain the confidence and on-court awareness that made him such a good prospect at Florida State. I had really, really high hopes for Singleton because I figured he had a strong defensive IQ from his time under Leonard Hamilton and would be able to develop his shot. Instead, he was fed to the wolves as a rookie, saw his demeanor suffer and was subsequently buried under veterans as the Wizards' rebuild shifted into win-now mode. How would Singleton have fared if he was allowed to build more easily on his rookie year, during which he shot 35 percent from three and showed some flashes of defensive skill? Was he doomed to be between positions without any idea of his NBA niche, or could that have been solved with a different development path? These are all questions work asking.

On another note ... so much for Khem Birch making the Wizards' roster.

Too bad. I'd have liked to see him in camp.