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Bradley Beal to appear in Easterns Automotive ad

In the surest sign yet that the Wizards have arrived, Bradley Beal has been brought on as an endorser for Easterns Automotive.

This summer, we've seen how the Wizards have reaped the benefits that come with relevance. Paul Pierce signed in Washington. The Wizards got 10 national TV games. And now Bradley Beal is going to appear in an Easterns Automotive ad, according to their Instagram page, he'll be the first Wizard to endorse the dealership since Brendan Haywood:

The caption for the second image reads:

Shooting some new spots today! With #BradleyBeal from the #WashingtonWizards #nba #commercialshoot #wizards #beal #bbeal #beal3 #wizkid #wiz #washingtondc #easterns #yourjobisyourcredit #jingle #wizard #nbachampions

You can also find more photos from the shoot on their Facebook page.

Now, for those of you outside of the D.C. area, an NBA player endorsing a car dealer, might not seem like a big deal, but Easterns Automotive have been able to pull in plenty of famous D.C. athletes, (including Clinton Portis, Alexander Ovechkin, Carmelo Anthony and Ray Lewis) over the years to endorse their dealership, so Beal joining the crew is a pretty big deal. Here are some previous Eastern ads to give you an idea of the legacy Beal is joining: