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John Wall and Kevin Durant both attended the Washington-Jacksonville game

Surely they weren't discussing playing together in 2016.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall is normally a Cowboys fan (or at least he used to be), but he's also willing to take one for the team, especially if a customized jersey is involved. Thus, you get him watching yesterday's Washington-Jacksonville game with a special guest: Kevin Durant.

I'm sure both men talked about ... football-related items. Like, boy Kirk Cousins went through his progressions beautifully. Man, we can still win the NFC East. But then again, Jacksonville is so bad and oh I hope RGIII is OK.

Yes, that's all they talked about, we're sure. Nothing else. Just a couple friends enjoying a football game with no ulterior motives. Why are you trying to connect the dots? What dots? What are you talking about? Stop inferring things. Can't two friends just enjoy a football game?