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Adidas to make signature shoe for John Wall

Remember how John Wall had to share a shoe with Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday? Not this year.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When John Wall announced he was leaving Reebok for Adidas in early 2013, it serves as a pretty clear sign of how far his star had fallen. Two underwhelming seasons, plus a delayed start to his third season forced Wall to the endorsement back burner as he tried to restore his marketability. Considering how much buzz there was around Wall when he arrived in the NBA, it was a bit of shock to see him forced to share a shoe line with Damian Lillard and Jrue Holliday last year:

But if the move from Reebok to Adidas was a sign of how much star power Wall had lost, the latest news regarding Wall should serve as a sign of how much popularity he's regained in a short amount of time. Michael Lee is reporting John Wall will once again have his own signature shoe for the upcoming season, and Wall sounds pretty excited about its potential:

Wall had more input in his new shoe design than he had with his first Reebok shoe. When he sat down with Adidas designers, Wall said he wanted to make sure that the shoe would be a lifestyle brand that came in different colors. "I definitely wanted them to be light. I wanted them to be midcut. I wanted them to be able to come in all different type of colors, like you see [Kevin Durant], LeBron [James] got wild colors you can wear off the court. I'd like to wear my shoe on and off the court, so having my own colorways, I can wear them with jeans and I just wanted to be creative with it and come out with different designs. I think it's the colors that make the shoes. You got to be able to have different colors to make the shoe hot."

So far, we've only seen Wall's new shoe in Team USA colors (which look just like the Wizards' colors, in case you forgot), but things certainly look promising for this year's shoe.