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John Wall makes his picks for the five best players in basketball

As you'd expect, he picks himself, but after that, things get interesting.

As you've probably heard by now, John Wall is in Asia promoting his new line of Adidas shoes. Last week, he toured the Great Wall of China (Get it? Because his last name is Wall. #synergy) and he wrapped up his tour yesterday with a stop in South Korea.

While Wall was there, he was asked who he would pick if he could make his own All-Star team. Of course, he picked himself to play on the team, but not at point guard. Well, at least not exclusively. Here's the full roster, if you can't watch the video:

C: John Wall
PF: John Wall
SF: John Wall
SG: John Wall
PG: John Wall

Knock that starting five all you want, but watching five John Walls on a fast break would be worth the price of admission every time.

(Thanks to Nick Bedard of Basketball Buddha for sending us the video. For more on John Wall's trip to South Korea, click here.)