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Why Kevin Love is NOT the new Agent Zero

Kevin Love will be wearing #0 on the Cavaliers. Please never, ever refer to him as Agent Zero

Here's a few reasons why Kevin Love should never ever be called "Agent Zero" ever again.

  1. Kevin Love is not a Washington Wizard.
  2. Kevin Love is not Gilbert Arenas.
  3. Haven't the Wizards suffered enough?
  4. Kevin Love's Instagram username is not 'mragentzero' last we checked.
  5. The Cleveland Cavaliers were Gilbert Arenas' chief rival during his peak years with the Wizards. This is like calling a David Ortiz "The Babe" but on a slightly bigger scale because Wiz-Cavs is way bigger than Yankees-Red Sox.
  6. NO! NO! NO!
  7. Yes, Gilbert Arenas has plenty of nicknames, but stealing one because it's trendy doesn't make it right.
  8. Gilbert Arenas ushered in one of the best eras in Wizards history (granted, not saying that much, but please, work with us here). The only thing Kevin Love has done as a Cleveland Cavalier wearing the #0 is hold up his jersey.
  9. As a show that employed Colin Cowherd for three years, haven't you done enough to troll Wizards fans already, Sports Nation?