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John Wall tours the Great Wall and dances during his trip to China

Here are some photos and videos of the Wizards' All-Star point guard during his trip halfway across the globe.


On Tuesday, August 19, John Wall traveled to China on the Adidas Summer Tour, where he promoted his new signature shoe line. It is part of a 14-day trip for Adidas per Ben Standig of CSN Washington.

First, he traveled to Beijing, and visited a nearby landmark which shares his name.

In the D.C. area, fans have made some references with Wall to the Great Wall of China, given that the Verizon Center is in Chinatown. It is only fitting that Wall shows a picture of his "Great Wall" tattoo while being there:

You can also see his logo on the Great Wall at night:

This is probably the coolest part of all, at least to me. They turned part of the Great Wall into a basketball court for John Wall!

After the Beijing and Great Wall tours, Wall visited Qingdao, where he danced. A lot.

And here's another video of Wall dancing in unison with a couple ladies to a tune. This is from an Instagram video posted on Thursday:

Wall will be in China until Saturday where he will then tour Japan and Korea, according to Jeremy Hyman of Monumental Network.

Great to see that he is getting international recognition and exposure.