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Garrett Temple may or may not be heading to the Miami Heat

The Wizards' guard could be one of the Heat's next signings, or he might not be. Reports conflict!

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Most of us assumed that Garrett Temple would stay in D.C. for the veteran's minimum after two dutiful years filling in when needed and providing excellent leadership. Instead, he may be on his way to joining what could be the Big 3 in Miami, according to Tim Reynolds of the AP's Miami bureau.

However, according to CSN Washington's Ben Standig, Temple isn't going anywhere ... yet.

However, according to a league source, CSN has learned Temple is not weighing any offer from Miami at this time. Like the rest of the league, it's a waiting game for the defensive-minded guard until James, Anthony and perhaps Bosh make their decisions.

No matter what he decides, the money is going to be even. Assuming the Big 3 return, Miami will spend its mid-level exception on Josh McRoberts and bi-annual exception on Danny Granger, leaving them with one trade exception and the minimum to offer. Thus, Temple has to decide between comfort and immediate title contention. From the sounds of it, he'll chose immediate title contention, though we'll see how this plays out. Miami has gone after him in the past even after he was established with the Wizards.

I'll be sad if Temple goes, if only because he came here from the D-League, worked his way into being a useful piece during down times and was an ideal end-of-the-bench guy this season when he wasn't picking up the pieces from the botched Eric Maynor signing. Ultimately, though, the Wizards shouldn't break the bank to replace him. If he chooses Miami, he chooses Miami and we wish him well.