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Patrick Patterson, potential Wizards target, is off the market

The Raptors have agreed to a three-year, $18 million deal to keep the reserve power forward.


Both Umair and I were very high on Toronto backup power forward Patrick Patterson as a potential Wizards option with the full mid-level exception. He's the kind of stretch big man the Wizards lacked last year, and, of course, he's a college teammate of John Wall's.

Thus, I am mildly dismayed to report that Patterson is staying in Toronto on what I think is a pretty affordable contract.

Umair figured it would take at least that price to nab Patterson as a restricted free agent. As it turned out, it might not have. If the Wizards really wanted Patterson, they could have offered him a fourth year at the same price and made the Raptors sweat. That's a move I would have supported at least, though I understand others might not given Patterson's occasional struggles in Houston and Sacramento. Alas, it might not have been possible because it would have frozen the Wizards' salary structure as the Raptors wondered whether to match.

Regardless, Patterson is off the market, and the Wizards will have to look elsewhere to find frontcourt help. And frontcourt help is a must, because Nene is sure to miss some time and the Wizards really could use a backup that can step in and play big minutes when that happens.