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Marcin Gortat's summer workouts involve staring at blank walls

When he's not building up muscle, Marcin Gortat is contemplating life.

Bartosz Bielecki of Truth About It did some amazing work here, translating an interview Marcin Gortat gave to a Polish website recently. Like most Gortat interviews, it's filled with lots of interesting nuggets, but he gets much more introspective than usual:

Is it hard to find "the one"?

Gortat: But you keep searching.
 I would like to have a family, build a lasting relationship with someone. But still-contrary to many Poles-I wake up willingly, do something I love, and I even get a lot of money for that. It would be stupid if I was unhappy.

What's more: I'm a loner. Even when I used to live with my girlfriend I often wanted to be alone. Sometimes I cut myself off from my friends, too. They go together to a club or a restaurant and I stay at home, and I'm not answering any phone calls.

What do you do then?

Gortat: I look at the wall. I look at a white wall and contemplate.

The interview inspired the #DeepGortat hashtag, which let's people channel the darker, more introverted side of Marcin Gortat we usually don't see. But for us, all we could think of when he heard Gortat was staring at a wall was poor Huell Babineaux.