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Washington Wizards unveil new blue alternate jersey for 2014-15 season

For the first time in the Ted Leonsis era, the Wizards have an alternate jersey.

via Wizards press release

Since the Wizards switched to the red, white and blue color scheme before the start of the 2011-12 season, they've only had two uniform options: their white home jerseys and their red road jerseys. Finally, they'll have a third option for the coming season. The Wizards tweeted the news out on Tuesday morning:

A few interesting things to note regarding the new jersey:

  • This is the only jersey of the three that does not feature a stripe across the middle, under the numbers. Considering they're going with red numbers on blue, that's probably a good call.
  • This is the first time a team under the Monumental umbrella has worn a blue alternate. The Caps' alternate is a white throwback jersey, and the Mystics have stuck with red and white jerseys, like the Wizards, since making the color switch.
  • Glen Rice Jr. played 109 minutes last year. Now he is modeling a new set of jerseys for the Wizards. That's what a great Summer League will do for you.
  • The Wizards continue to avoid sleeved jerseys. They haven't made the switch with practice/summer league uniforms, and clearly, they aren't ready to make the switch with any on-court gear either.
  • This won't be the only alternate jersey the Wizards could wear this season. The Wizards are also going to wear "Los Wizards" jerseys as part of the Wizards' Latin Nights promotion: