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Wizards vs. Spurs Summer League final score: Washington wins a triple overtime classic

In a triple overtime thriller, the Washington Wizards overcame an early deficit and won a hard fought game, 95-94. They now head to the tournament semifinals against the Sacramento Kings.

Garrett Ellwood/NBA

Man, that was one hell of a basketball game!

First, let's talk about Glen Rice Jr. The man had one SENSATIONAL performance, scoring 36 points, and went 6-of-10 from the three point line. Probably the most important three he made was off an equally sensational pass by Jamil Wilson which extended the game to a third overtime in the first place, making the score, 90-all, right at the buzzer.

Then, once we got to triple overtime, Otto Porter then took over, scoring all five of the Wizards' points in that time. Though the Spurs were able to tie the game 94-all with less than a minute left, Porter made 1-of-2 free throws after getting fouled. He also had a big night scoring the basketball with 27 points.

While that could have spelled a #SoWizards moment in the past, times have now changed. Once the Spurs had a chance to take the last shot, Wilson once again came to the rescue on defense with an emphatic block to win the game:

On top of those three, the next most important guy to help get the Wizards this win?

Sam Cassell. He called the right timeouts at the right times to make sure that Washington was always in position to win the game.

One of these timeouts came when the Spurs made a big 20-1 run in the middle of the second quarter and played almost like the Spurs team that just won the championship a month ago. After Vander Blue made a layup to give San Antonio a 47-30 lead, Cassell called a time out. After that, the Wizards made a 9-2 run the rest of the way. Whatever Coach said, that worked, and the Wizards even pulled ahead in the third quarter.

Rice and Porter were not playing in the beginning of the fourth, and this got the Spurs got to a 73-69 lead, prompting another timeout. Once they were back, the Wizards took a five point lead late in regulation, but from hindsight, the Spurs were able to tie the game, and ultimately make this game a Summer League Classic.

Once the game got into the second overtime, Cassell called a timeout with 4 seconds left and designed the aforementioned play where GRJR made his game tying three.

So to wrap things up here, once again, I'm really impressed with what I saw tonight, and I really like what Rice and Porter are doing in Vegas. The Wizards face off against the Kings in the semifinals at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday.

  • The Wizards' game was supposed to be on NBA TV, but unfortunately, it was blacked out in the DC area, and it caused a lot of frustration for those who could not watch the game online. Hopefully Sunday's game won't be blacked out.
  • John Wall and Bradley Beal were in attendance for the game.
  • Liked Daniel Theis's performance in the game. He definitely got noticed after his block against the Heat on Thursday, and he showed good hustle tonight. Theis made an untimely foul toward the end of the first overtime on Austin Daye, where he made two free throws to get the game to the second OT. If the Wizards lost this game, this could have been the story we are talking about.
  • There's something with those pink shoes Wilson wears, I swear.