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Trevor Booker says Wizards' offer was 'not close' to Utah's

The former Wizard suggested that his old team didn't really want to keep him.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

For a while, it looked like Trevor Booker would be back in D.C. because the Wizards had the right to exceed the salary cap to sign him even after declining his qualifying offer. Problem is, according to Booker himself, Washington's offer didn't come close to matching the two years and $10 million the Utah Jazz gave him.

From CSN Washington's Ben Standig:

"Not the offer I was looking for. Not close to the offer that I have now," Booker said. "But it's a business, I understand. Like I said, I'm very happy with Utah."

Booker also said he didn't know why the Wizards didn't step up with a bigger offer. Standig's colleague J Michael reports the Wizards were offering half of what Utah was.

If so, you can understand why Booker balked. Either the Wizards misread Booker's market if they really thought they could keep him at that price or they didn't really want to keep him that badly in the first place. Washington quickly countered by working out the sign and trade for Kris Humphries for about $700,000 less than what the Jazz gave Booker.