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Drew Gooden re-signs with Wizards for veteran's minimum

A deal that seemed destined from the beginning finally is done.

Rob Carr

As expected, the Wizards have re-signed Drew Gooden to a one-year deal at the veteran's minimum, according to multiple people. Basketball Insider's Eric Pincus was first with the news.

CSN Washington's J Michael adds more details:

The Wizards have re-signed him and will make it official as early as Tuesday night for a one-year deal at the veteran minimum at $1.448 million.

Later, Gooden himself confirmed it.

The Wizards have Non-Bird Rights on Gooden, which would have allowed them to re-sign him for up to 120 percent of the minimum exception. It appears Gooden has instead taken a pay cut because he's still taking amnesty payments from the Bucks. It didn't make much sense for him to take more money because it'd mean he'd get less money from Milwaukee.

The Wizards now have 11 players on the roster and around $7-9 million to use under the luxury tax. Garrett Temple will likely be man No. 12, according to Michael.