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DeJuan Blair deal not yet done, according to report

The Wizards' signing of the Dallas big man isn't quite finished yet and may not get done.

Ronald Martinez

The DeJuan Blair signing doesn't appear to be as close as initially reported. While ESPN's Marc Stein reported that the Wizards and Mavericks were in "advanced discussions," that might have been putting it too aggressively.

Via CSN Washington's J Michael:

While they're listening to offers and pitches from all over, such as a deal that could involve DeJuan Blair and the Dallas Mavericks, that's not imminent, confirmed with persons with knowledge of the situation late Sunday night.

This is the same thing I heard last night, but wasn't able to confirm. That's not to say the deal is dead; the Wizards are considering many contingency plans and haven't yet settled on this one. The trade itself would be complicated regardless because it'd involve trade exceptions and the potential for a non-simultaneous trade. These things don't come together in a day.

Bottom line: the Wizards like Blair, but haven't yet completed a deal. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Michael also noted that the Wizards' wish list for the rest of their roster includes a third point guard, another shooter and another big. That'd be my ideal scenario too.