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Trevor Ariza situation far from settled despite LeBron James' decision

Just when we thought this would be resolved ... nope, not yet, not even after LeBron James signed in Cleveland.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One would think that LeBron James' decision would set in motion a resolution to the Trevor Ariza saga, just like it has resolved so many other second-tier free agents. Well ... think again. Apparently, we're still in the same spot, with the Wizards wanting to resolve this on their terms and Ariza wanting to wait out the market.

And there is a market. Cleveland is out, but now Miami might be in, and so are Houston and Dallas depending on what happens with Chandler Parsons. That's what several national voices are reporting.

And then there's Miami, who will push for Ariza or Luol Deng.

And yet, it still feels like Ariza is a backup plan everywhere else. Miami seems to prefer Deng, while both Houston and Dallas would surely prefer Parsons were price not a consideration. Ariza could be the third man, or he could be lost without a chair. The Wizards are surely hoping the latter happens and Ariza comes back here.

Time will tell.