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Randy Wittman, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter give their reactions to Marcin Gortat's contract

Randy Wittman, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter give their reactions to Marcin Gortat's new contract with the Wizards.

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The Washington Wizards have now officially re-signed Marcin Gortat. Though the team stated that terms were not disclosed in their press release Thursday morning, the new contract is a five-year, $60 million deal. Gortat will also be with Ernie Grunfeld later this afternoon at the Verizon Center for a press conference at 4 p.m.

On the press release, Grunfeld, stated the following:

Re-signing Marcin was a top priority for us this summer so that we could maintain continuity and improve on what we accomplished last season. His scoring ability, rebounding and defensive presence are matched only by his work ethic, leadership and personality, which all combine to make him an excellent fit in what we are trying to build moving forward.

In addition, Randy Wittman, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter gave video interviews on Gortat's new contract. These videos are included in the press release.

Wittman was very pleased about the re-signing, in part because Gortat developed positive chemistry quickly with the roster:

For a guy to come in as late as he did, when we got him to fill in, to fit in with the guys, and show us what he could do for us from a standpoint both offensively and defensively, it was very important for us that he was a high priority coming in this summer ... We were really pleased that we were able to do that.

He also answered a question regarding continuity of the Wizards' roster for next year. Though Wittman stated that the Wizards will probably not re-sign all of their free agents, he did say this on Ariza's current situation:

Our main core is what you kind of focus on. Trevor's still in a situation that's out there, and it's an important situation for us that we bring him back.

Beal also added this in his video interview:

I think I'm more happy that [Gortat] is. He's a huge contribution to our team moving forward. I'm glad we were able to get that solid piece that we needed. A big who can score, who can defend, set screens, and do the right things ... and who's a great teammate.  I'm definitely looking forward to these next couple of years playing with him.

Porter had the shortest video interview of the team, but he perhaps added why Gortat was a great teammate off the court as well as on it:

He was the character of the team, always having fun around everybody. He just brings a good vibe to the team.

Welcome back Marcin.