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Wizards project $13 million loss this season, according to report

That's the second-highest loss in the league, according to one report.

Rob Carr

Well, here's an interesting tidbit from Grantland's Zach Lowe: the Wizards are projecting a loss of about $13 million this season, second-most in the league behind the Brooklyn Nets, who are slated to lose about a hundred trillion dollars.

The NBA expects nine teams will end up having lost money once luxury-tax distribution and revenue-sharing payments are finalized. The Nets, with that monster $144 million figure, are the biggest losers. Next in line? The Wizards, with projected losses of about $13 million.

We are trying to confirm that number as we speak; hopefully will have something more concrete to report back. Lowe previously reported that the Wizards received money from the league's revenue-sharing system this year, though he did not say how much.

If true, this certainly adds context to the Wizards' controversial decision to sell a second-round pick for cash.

It's unclear why the Wizards reportedly lose so much money, but there are a number of potential factors. So-so ticket sales during the last few years may be one cause, as is a TV deal with Comcast SportsNet that owner Ted Leonsis has lamented publicly. The home playoff revenue helped, but not all of those games sold out and the league splits playoff revenues anyway, from what I understand. Washington is also paying Andray Blatche not to pay for them and spent almost up to the luxury tax on team salaries.

Again: we're looking into this more. For now, though, we wanted to provide a place to discuss the report.