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Washington Wizards Unusued Draft Pick POWER RANKINGS

The 2014 NBA Draft was not the first time the Wizards have come away from a draft with no tangible assets. Since this is the internet, let's rank these moments.

Christian Petersen

9. 1995 - Bullets draft Ronnie Henderson with the 55th overall pick.

Henderson was the only pick the Bullets had in arguably the greatest draft since 1984 (their first round pick was part of the Chris Webber trade) and he never made it out of training camp. It was going to be an uphill battle for Henderson to make the roster, but he did himself no favors when he abruptly left training camp for two days without an explanation. When he returned, he explained he was frustrated by nagging injuries. Though he appeared to resolve things with the team, he was released a week later.

Players the Bullets missed on: Chucky Atkins, Darvin Ham, Ben Wallace

8. 2006 - Wizards draft Vladimir Veremeenko with the 48th overall pick.

Like Oleksiy Pecherov, who the Wizards took in the first round of the 2006 draft, Veremeenko was supposed to be a draft and stash player, but other than a poor showing at Summer League, he never made it stateside. This draft miss would rank higher had his rights not come in handy in 2010. The Bulls acquired his rights as compensation for trading Kirk Hinrich and Kevin Seraphin in 2010. The Bulls needed to unload salary in return for something that would not clog up salary room. Oddly, Veremeenko's inability to make a NBA roster made him desirable asset.

Players the Wizards missed on: Leon Powe, Ryan Hollins, J.J. Barea.

7. 2002 - Wizards draft Rod Grizzard with the 39th overall pick.

In some respects, you can blame this on Michael Jordan. It's rare that you see a top-40 pick waived before the end of training camp, injuries or no injuries, but when you have a chance to bring in a 39 year old Charles Oakley for a title run season, you have to do it, I guess.

Players the Wizards missed on: Matt Barnes, Flip Murray, Darius Songaila

6. 2008 - Wizards trade 47th overall pick Bill Walker to the Boston Celtics.

After taking JaVale McGee in the first round, you would think Wizards nation wouldn't be able to stomach another risky project in the same draft, but there was some buzz when the Wizards announced they were drafting Bill Walker. Though he had underperformed in college, he was still one of the most highly touted players in the nation coming out of high school and had a nice highlight mix to enjoy if things didn't work out. But of course, by the time most people finished watching that highlight reel, reports were out that the Wizards had unloaded the pick for cash.

Players the Wizards missed on: Anthony Morrow, Timofey Mozgov, Greg Stiemsma

5. 2012 - Wizards trade 46th overall pick (Darius Miller) in Rashard Lewis trade.

Is it okay to be upset about something that was never truly yours to begin with? I hope so. The Wizards received this pick as part of the Tyson Chandler sign and trade to the Knicks, because the Wizards had open cap space to absorb Ronny Turiaf's salary from New York and make the trade possible. Six months later, the Wizards included the pick in the Okafor/Ariza trade as sweetener for absorbing Rashard Lewis' expiring contract...which we still don't get. Were the Hornets really going to say no to saving $30 million over a second rounder?

Players the Wizards missed on: Darius Miller, Kyle O'Quinn, Kent Bazemore

4. 2014- Wizards trade 46th overall pick to Lakers for cash considerations.


Players the Wizards missed on: Not sure yet, but there will probably be someone.

3. 2012- Wizards draft Tomas Satoransky with the 32nd overall pick.

Yeah, that hasn't gone well either.

Players the Wizards missed on: Draymond Green, Mike Scott, Jae Crowder

2. 2009 - Wizards trade 32nd overall pick Jermaine Taylor to the Houston Rockets for cash considerations.

Of all the picks that have been traded for cash, this one hurts the most. After the infamous Mike Miller-Randy Foye trade, fans needed some glimmer of hope for the future. Instead, they sold a second round pick for cash so they could save cap room to sign Fabricio Oberto as the final piece for the Wizards to make their title run with Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.

Players the Wizards missed on: DeJuan Blair, Jodie Meeks, Patrick Beverley, Marcus Thornton, Danny Green, A.J. Price, Patty Mills

1. 2002 - Wizards draft Juan Carlos Navarro with the 40th overall pick.

Like other players on this list, Navarro was intended to be a draft and stash, but unlike Veremeenko, Navarro became a highly coveted asset as he developed in Spain. When he was finally ready to make his way to the NBA in 2007, there was a lot to be excited about, until he told Washington he only really wanted to come over if he could play in Miami or with Pau Gasol in Memphis. The good news was that the Wizards were able to salvage the situation, by trading Navarro to Memphis for a protected first round pick.

But of course, even when there's good news, it's not good news. The Wizards would end up trading that pick back to Memphis to acquire...Javaris Crittenton. So not only did the Wizards have to wait five years for a pick that never came, when they finally got something that seemed to be a positive, it turned out to be just about the worst thing you could imagine.

Players the Wizards missed on: Luis Scola, Rasual Butler, Reggie Evans, Udonis Haslem, Awvee Storey.