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Your 2014 NBA Draft Open Thread

Discuss the NBA Draft here.

Mike Stobe

Tonight, the NBA Draft is on ESPN or WatchESPN if you want to watch online. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick, and will make their pick at around 7:30 p.m.

Before the Draft itself, SB Nation will have a live video special starting at 7 p.m. where Mike will be there to help break down the prospects.

Currently, the Wizards only have the 46th overall pick. However, this is subject to change considering that trades could happen over the course of the evening. And this Draft could very well be unpredictable.

Still, if the Wizards stay pat, Mike believes that they can still find a rotation player at number 46. And Umair has a list of 10 players who may still be available for them.

So everyone, buckle up your seat belts, and enjoy the NBA Draft!