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NBA Draft 2014 results: Wizards sell away second-round pick to Lakers

The Wizards made us stick around all night, only to sell their second-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash. The Lakers took Jordan Clarkson with the pick.


The Washington Wizards have again sold away a second-round pick, this time giving the Lakers Jordan Clarkson from Missouri, via Michael Lee of the Washington Post. This is a move reminiscent of 2009, when Washington gave the Houston Rockets a high second-round pick instead of taking DeJuan Blair.

It's especially disappointing considering there was real talent on the board. Five of Umair's 10 preferences were still available, including Clarkson. Louisville's Russ Smith was taken one selection later. Baylor's Cory Jefferson and Florida's Patric Young could have filled in as depth along the frontcourt. Instead, the Wizards gave away another potential cheap player for nothing more than cash, which only appears to benefit the owner.

This was the year to actually use the draft pick. Washington has only six players under contract and have to fill out the rest of their roster. J Michael of CSN Washington suggests that the three players the Wizards wanted -- Jarnell Stokes, Johnny O'Bryant and Dwight Powell -- were gone, but the solution then should be to take someone else, not give the pick away for cash. It's just a second-round pick, but it's nevertheless disappointing that the Wizards don't at least try to pick someone that can eventually help their team. At least get another asset out of the transaction!