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Three VERY LEGITIMATE reasons why the Wizards need to draft Sim Bhullar

The 7-5, 360 pound center out of New Mexico State will look to make an impression on Wizards' management at Wednesday's pre-draft workout.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards don't have a first round pick in this year's draft, so there haven't been many headline draft prospects coming to the Verizon Center for a pre-draft workout.  That won't change Wednesday, but at least there should be a little more buzz, now that we know this:

Sim Bhullar is currently ranked 90th on Draft Express' list of the Top 100 Prospects in this year's draft. That's not a good place to be in a 60 person draft, but Bhullar has several things going for him that make him a nice fit for the Wizards.

He's a physical anomaly

Washington has always been the NBA's Island of Misfit Toys. The Wizards have played the two shortest players in NBA history (Mugsy Bogues, Earl Boykins) and the two tallest players in NBA history (Gheorghe Muresan, Manute Bol). They've also been home to big men with uncanny guard-like skills, such as Andray Blatche and John "Hot Plate" Williams. They played a 31 year old Tom McMillen, who could legitimately pass for anyone's grandfather. The franchise's all-time assist leader is a 6-7 center. All things considered, Bhullar would actually be a pretty normal Wizards player.

He has a unique background

Sim Bhullar is looking to become first player of Indian descent to play in the NBA. Carrying the basketball hopes of an entire nation on his back will certainly come with challenges, but the Wizards have been host to plenty of basketball pioneers, like Gheorghe Muresan, Manute Bol, Jason Collins and JaVale McGee (he was the first child of a WNBA player to play in the NBA, lest we forget).

He would be the latest Wizard to come from the WAC pipeline

Sim Bhullar was named the MVP of the last two WAC tournaments, which you wouldn't think would mean much about his future with the Wizards. But the Wizards have had quite a few contributors come out of the conference in recent years, such as:

  • JaVale McGee
  • Dominic McGuire
  • Courtney Alexander
  • Andre Miller
  • Greg Foster
  • Michael Ruffin
When you have a chance to take someone with so much #SoWizards potential, you have to ignore the scouting reports and go with your gut. But if you do want to actually read a break down of Bhullar's game and how he could actually help the team, Wiz of Awes has a nice post here.