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Ernie Grunfeld has another year left on his contract, according to report

Did the Wizards give their current GM another year on his current contract without any of us noticing?


Mike Wise of the Washington Post snuck in a very interesting piece of breaking news in his latest column. Allow me to quote him:

Oh, and who knew he had another year left on his deal after this season that no one knew about until now (That's right, a little news for you.)

Real slick, huh? This is a surprise because it was previously reported that Grunfeld and Wittman both received two-year contract extensions following the lockout year. (Remember how the Wizards famously didn't interview anyone else for either position?).

Then again, it might not matter because if Grunfeld gets an extension, that final year will be torn up anyway. That's exactly what Wise believes will happen.

So ... it's looking like Ernie Grunfeld will likely be here for the long haul. This isn't really a surprise to me, for what it's worth. Did you expect Ted Leonsis to move on from his general manager after the franchise's most successful season since 2005? I certainly didn't.

As for whether it's the right move to extend Grunfeld, I refer you to this. This summer is very, very big.