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Bradley Beal just bought his family a house

Most 20 year olds spend their summer trying to get an internship. Bradley Beal just bought a house...for his family.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off a playoff run that put Bradley Beal in the national spotlight, Bradley Beal is doing something very, very special for his family:

Sure, this probably isn't the first time you've heard of an athlete buying a house for their parents, but usually the player wouldn't still be a sophomore in college when they buy the house. But throughout Beal's young career, he's pointed to his family as a key part of his success, as he explained to James Herbert in this feature on Beal's growth:

His parents met at Kentucky State, where Bobby played football and Besta played basketball. He talks to them every day.

"That's just how close we are," Beal said. "I have a real small circle. It's just something that we are. It's the way I've always been since I was little. We always just kept to each other."

Beal gives his family all of the credit for the maturity for which he's so often complimented. "That's the way I was raised," he said. "My parents did a great job ... I act way older than how I am, a lot of people mistake how old I really am when they hear me talk."

He also credited his family for their support in an interview with Holly MacKenzie back in March:

SBNATION.COM: On draft night, I remember seeing your parents and brothers in the hallway while you were going through your media circuit. Your brothers had a basketball and were dribbling it through the hallway while your mom tried unsuccessfully to get them to stop. You've talked before about how close you are to your brothers. What's it like to experience all of this with your family around you?

BEAL: It's always great. I'm the only one in my family to actually make it to this level. They all look up to me, even my older brothers, which is kind of unique. Just having that support system behind me it means a lot to me because not a lot of people have the same support that I have. My small circle is really just my family. They're really close and dear to my heart and it's always great to have them watching my games, critiquing my games and making sure I'm alright at all times.

SBNATION.COM: You've said that your mom is your harshest critic. What's her most common critique of your game?

BEAL: My shot for sure. She taught me how to shoot so she's always on my head if I'm missing shots or not doing something right. She's always correcting me. My phone is probably blowing up right now with text messages from her (laughs). But it's great to have her always caring for me no matter how old I get. No matter what level I'm playing at she always has my back and makes sure I'm doing the right things.

It's great to see Beal giving back to his family in such a big way, so early in his career. I wonder if Randy Wittman has anything planned for his parents once his contract extension becomes official.