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Randy Wittman, Wizards nearing 3-year extension, according to report

The Wizards' coach appears to be sticking around for the long haul.

Andy Lyons

It appears that the Wizards' playoff run will keep Randy Wittman as the head coach for the long haul. The Wizards and Wittman are nearing agreement on a three-year contract extension for Wittman, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Terms of the specific deal remain unclear at this time, but we can safely assume that Wittman will indeed be back. NBC's Dianna Russini asked Ted Leonsis about Wittman's future following today's press conference introducing the new Capitals' brain trust, and this is what Leonsis said:

Three years is the industry standard for contract extensions. Toronto's Dwane Casey earned a three-year extension after leading Toronto to 48 wins, for example. Wittman himself received a two-year extension in 2012, though it was really more like a slight bump on his current assistant coach contract.

Wittman's coaching has been a huge topic all year, so I'm sure y'all have opinions on the news. Let's hear 'em.