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Are the Wizards a 'stealth candidate' for Kevin Love

That's the latest rumor, if you can even call it that. Nevertheless, it's cool that a star player actually may like this organization.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This was an interesting nugget buried in David Aldridge's must-read Morning Tip column:

Wiz are a stealth candidate for Kevin Love -- his father, Stan, who played for the then-Bullets in the early '70s, gave his son the middle name "Wesley," as in Wes Unseld. And Kevin Love has a soft spot as a result for the franchise. But the trade talk will surely die when the words "Bradley Beal" come out of Flip Saunders' mouth.

Now, this is barely a rumor. I don't even know what "stealth candidate" means other than "nobody is putting this out there, so I will." There are many other non-stealth candidates for Love that are making their intentions far clearer than the Wizards (the Kings, of all teams, are the latest, though I suspect their interest won't get far). And as Aldridge notes, any trade package for Love must include Beal to be remotely fair, and the Wizards value Beal really, really highly. The chances Love actually makes it to D.C. are very, very small.

But it's another sign that top players now look at the Wizards in a positive light after last year's strong season. To some degree, Love's situation is unique; not everyone has a father who played with the organization, after all. But when you win, top players find reasons to be intrigued by your organization. Put it another way: would this even get out if the Wizards completed yet another embarrassing losing season?

That's why BNIE and I believe the Wizards should look to strike now while the iron's hot.