Offseason Idea: Would you take Josh Smith in a trade if .....

it included a draft pick. Let's be realistic here, Detroit would be crazy to continue on with this Drummond-Monroe-Smith experiment. Let's assume that they are willing to pay Monroe max money, but want to trade Josh Smith (which may actually be true). They are in desperate need to get rid of one of them and to build a core with a shooter in one of their wing positions. Josh Smith, at the age of 28, is a solid big who has had moments of falling in love with his jumper or lack thereof which is partly blamed on being placed as a wing player. Nonetheless, at 28 years old, he is still young and in his prime, an incredible defender and in the right situation, a very capable 2nd or 3rd option offensively. He is due to make about $14 million for the next 3 years so he would be an expensive option, but I wonder if getting a first round or maybe even a second round draft pick would make it worth it. With a first round pick, you would obviously get him, for better or worse, and a potential star player to pair with Wall, Beal and Smith. Or you can hope that they give you a second rounder and perhaps pair that pick up with the Wizards' second rounder and try to move into the first rounder. There may be some options but the question becomes, is Josh Smith worth the risk?

And who would you trade to get him? Nene, a combination of Webster and maybe a sign and trade of one of the bigs (Gortat, Booker, or Seraphin) or even Ariza? What are your thoughts on this? Is this realistic? Do you think this would be a good option? Would you do this as opposed to just re-signing Ariza and Gortat and just staying pat?

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