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Reminder: Wizards-Pacers Game 5 watch party at Public bar

Come join fellow fans for what might be the final game of this fun season.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A reminder that your favorite Washington Wizards blogs are hosting a watch party at Public bar tonight, just like we did for Game 5 of the Wizards-Bulls series. Here are the details:

When: Tuesday, May 13.

Where: Public Bar (the Dupont Circle location). Walk up one flight of stairs and it's up there.

Address: 1214 B 18th Street NW, Washington D.C. It's right next to the Shake Shack on 18th Street and Connecticut Avenue. Accessible via the Dupont Circle metro by going out the South exit.

The drink specials:

$3 Miller Lites, $3 Yuenglings,
$5 Vodka Red Bulls, $5 tacos

I won't be there since I'm back in New York, but most of your fellow staffers will be in attendance. We had a great turnout last time and we're looking forward to seeing many of you guys there tonight.