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Pacers vs. Wizards, NBA Playoffs 2014 Game 4 open thread (Part 1)

Discuss the first half here.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
2013-14 NBA Playoffs
May 11, 2014
Verizon Center
8 p.m.
TNT, 99.1 FM
Projected Starting Lineups
George Hill PG John Wall
Lance Stephenson SG Bradley Beal
Paul George SF Trevor Ariza
David West PF Nene
Roy Hibbert C Marcin Gortat
2013-14 Advanced Stats
94.9 (20th) Pace 95.4 (19th)
101.5 (22nd) ORtg 103.3 (16th)
96.7 (1st) DRtg 102.4 (9th)
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OK folks, this is likely the season. The Wizards will still technically have a chance if they lose, but it's a near-impossible task to win three straight. Now or never.

They will have some special guests here to watch them.

Make Robert Griffin III proud. Make us all proud. Make yourselves proud.