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The Wizards' recruiting pitch to get Kevin Durant to D.C.

With things starting to get tense in Oklahoma City, we would like to remind Kevin Durant that being a Wizard would let him reach all of his wildest dreams.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Things aren't going all that great in Oklahoma City right now. The Thunder are down 3-2 to the seventh seeded Grizzlies as they get ready for Game 6 in Memphis. Kevin Durant has struggled to get things going all series long against the Grizzlies' defense and now might wind up finishing his season much sooner than expected.

With all that in mind, perhaps The Oklahoman should have reconsidered the following headline:


As the opportunists that we are, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves by not reminding Kevin Durant of the many benefits attached to coming and playing in D.C. when his contract is up in 2016.

  • Playoff-tested coaching: Are you worried Scott Brooks isn't the coach to get you to the promised land? We'd like to remind you Randy Wittman has the best playoff winning percentage of any coach in NBA history.
  • Friendlier media: In D.C. we don't judge a player based on how they perform in the clutch, only on how many tattoos they have.
  • Nicer point guard: Don't get us wrong, Russell Westbrook is awesome, but John Wall turned Trevor Ariza into the second coming of Glen Rice, which is pretty amazing considering the Wizards also have the literal second coming of Glen Rice.
  • We can break the Lil' B curse: The NSA is willing to do some pretty amazing things for you if you swing by Fort Meade to sign some autographs every now and then.
  • More access to RG3: We hear you're a Redskins fan. Just say the word and Ted Leonsis will build you a house right beside Robert Griffin III. Unless you're a Kirk Cousins guy. If so, I'm sure Ted can hook that up too.
  • HOME: If you come, we promise not to play Phillip Phillips. Plus, look how excited fans would be to have you here.