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NBA Playoffs Game 2, Wizards vs. Bulls game thread (Part 1)

Discuss the pregame here.

Jonathan Daniel
April 22, 2014
United Center
9:30 p.m.
Projected Starting Lineups
John Wall PG Kirk Hinrich
Bradley Beal SG Jimmy Butler
Trevor Ariza SF Mike Dunleavy
Nene PF Carlos Boozer
Marcin Gortat C Joakim Noah
2013-14 Advanced Stats
95.4 (19th)
Pace 92.7 (28th)
103.3 (18th)
ORtg 99.7 (28th)
102.4 (9th)
DRtg 97.8 (2nd)
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Programming note for tonight: There will be three game threads. One will be for the pregame hypefest. The second will be for the first half and halftime. The third will be for the second half. I normally like to keep the conversation in one place, but there were so many comments in the Game 1 thread that it killed the load time for many would-be participants, particularly those trying to chime in on their phones.

That gives us two options. One is to ban GIFs in the game threads. The other is to split the game threads up and hope that helps. I think Door No. 2 is the lesser of two evils, so that's what we're doing tonight. I'll keep the stream up top so it's easy to switch.

Anyway, that's all. The Wizards didn't just come to Chicago to get one. They came to Chicago to get two AND insult their deep-dish pizza while doing so. So let's do this.