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NBA Playoffs 2014: PSA by Pro'Verb is your community hype

What's that? The community elected their hype king? Okay, NOW the playoffs can start.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, y'all! PSA by Pro'Verb is your choice for community hype, submitted by jarem. All we need to make it truly relevant this year is to take it to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals? F**k Lebron? F**k Lebron. SOUND GOOD?

Thanks to jarem, DavidDunn and qthaballa for participating in this year's hastily imagined and executed hype call. Come NBA playoffs 2015 I want the rest of y'all to bring your own hype and get this thing started for real! Also, someone make DavidDunn record his track. Because that NEEDS to happen. I"M NOT GOING TO FORGET, DAVID! Congratulations again to jarem, give me a hell yeah for Game 1 and Hail to the King, baby!