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The importance of John Wall's star power

The Wizards might not have an unlimited budget or the glamour of a top market to lure free agents, but they do have John Wall, and that just might be enough.

Rob Carr

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As you've probably heard by now, Washington's football team was busy courting the services of DeSean Jackson the past few days. Like any courtship, it's been filled with drama, over-the-top gestures and varied reports on where exactly things stood as the Redskins tried to secure a relationship. But what's particularly interesting in this courtship is who the Redskins wanted to bring in to help seal the deal on Monday night.

Considering the Wizards were in Charlotte on Monday night, it's unlikely that Wall was able to make it (you don't seem him here in DeSean's meeting with Wale and Pierre Garcon). Regardless, it says quite a bit about how Wall's star has risen this year that he would be a selling point to big-name NFL free agent like Jackson.

Of course, Wall is an even bigger selling point for his employer, the Wizards. As the Wizards get ready for a summer where they'll have cap space to play with, they're going to find out just how much Wall's stardom is worth to potential suitors. As we saw last year with Dwight Howard, the promise of working with an elite talent (James Harden) can overcome the allure of a bigger market AND more money, when done correctly.

Granted, this probably doesn't mean the Wizards are going to enter the Carmelo sweepstakes, but hopefully it at least makes it easier for the Wizards to bring in the players they target this summer. Whether they try to bring back Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza, or find someone new, we'll get to see just how much gravitational pull John Wall's star has very soon.


  • After Monday's loss against the Bobcats, Al Harrington stepped up and did what veterans do in times of crisis. And by that, we mean he basically told everyone to chill out. After all, the only thing they have to do to clinch a playoff berth is win one of their last eight games. Seems pretty doable.
  • That said there's a great FanPost from Inside Job, laying out a scenario where the Wizards wouldn't clinch a playoff spot until the final game of the season. It might seem a little far-fetched, but it has just enough #SoWizards and #SoKnicks elements that you can't dismiss it entirely.
  • ESPN ranked the front offices of every NBA franchise, and the Wizards came in 26th, behind the 76ers, Jazz and Bobcats, among others. Just goes to show that a playoff run hasn't made everyone forget about the team's struggles and questionable decisions in recent years.
  • Just in case you missed the results of yesterday's mayoral election in D.C.:
  • Speaking of fellow D.C. teams, don't forget to #Pray4JapersRink.
  • But seriously, keep an eye on the Capitals this season if they don't make the playoffs. It will be interesting to see what path Ted Leonsis takes if the Capitals miss out on the playoffs after six straight appearances.
  • Interesting nugget from Mike Wise's latest piece: The Wizards have lost 11 games in which they've had a double-digit lead this season.