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NBA Playoffs 2014: Show us your hype, part 2

Your hype train is arriving at the station. Watch your hands and feet.

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Jared Wickerham

This is the elimination round, top 4 rec getters after comments lock at the forty-eight hour mark go through to the run-off on playoff Sunday! RISE AND HYPE!


  • Feel free to post lyrics, audio files, your own beats if you know how, just don't take credit for anything that ain't yours. Cite properly! Example: Beat By The Passion HiFi, Lyrics Mine
  • Post your hype in the comments section of the post that'll go up on April 18th. Comments lock after forty-eight hours, votes are by rec. Yes, you can change your votes and vote more than once for the elimination round.
  • The top 4 vote-getters after twenty-four hours get their own post and a run-off via poll. The leading vote-getter will be referred to for the duration of the Wizards playoff run as 'The King'. Hail to the King, baby.
  • "What will I win?" You will have crushed your enemies, seen them driven before you and heard the lamentation of their women. If you want more than that, I can't help you.
  • Will this be absolutely terrible? PROBABLY!
  • Wizards hype only, open to anyone. Let's not do NSFW stuff...much.
  • "Can I resist?" No. No, you can't.
  • A quick note, post links in the body of your comments, for ease of use. Ain't nobody got time to copy/paste links into their browser. Oh, and throw something in the title so big posts can be collapsed once voted on for ease of viewing.

Go forth, and post your damn thang. TO THE PLAYOFFS!