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Is there a lot of buzz for this Wizards playoff run?

Are we less excited about this Wizards playoff team than previous Wizards playoff teams?

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"Buzz" is an impossible to quality, but I definitely sense that there's less excitement for this Wizards playoff run than there has been for previous ones. In his latest column for the Washington Post, Jason Reid argues that there should be more buzz.

The Wizards haven't generated the type of buzz you would expect during a season in which they've become something they haven't been in a long time: an interesting team.


Yep. The Wizards have something to offer. All you have to do is look.

As a follow-up to that piece, Dan Steinberg asked five Wizards watchers -- CSN Washington's Ben StandigESPN 980's Scott Jacksonthe Washington Post's Mike WiseTruth About It's Kyle Weidie and myself -- why there seems to be less enthusiasm for this club. Here was my response:

I definitely think there's less buzz, for two reasons. One is that a large portion of the fan base distrusts management. It's the same general manager that survived Gungate when the rest of the organization needed and got a fresh start. It's the lead assistant of that team, promoted to head coach and still here. It's a little odd to hear the organization talk so much about making itself over into a professional outfit when the coach and GM are holdovers from the previous era.

In almost every thread about a happy moment on the site, there's at least one person saying, "Hey, this is great...but it might mean Ernie and Randy are coming back next year and that's bad."

The other is that there hasn't really been that signature moment or stretch. The team started slow against a rough road schedule, got those games back when the schedule softened and has largely stayed at the same level. No long winning or losing streaks. There have been a couple signature wins, but unlike Toronto, Chicago or Brooklyn, there hasn't been that one stretch that's rallied the fanbase.

I hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't think they sell out [first-round] home games unless they play Miami...and then the building will be overrun by Heat fans.

I thought a lot about all of our comment threads this season when crafting that response. Nevertheless, this is the kind of discussion where there's no right answer. Hell, the premise itself may not be totally correct.

Thus, let's continue the discussion. Are you as excited about this playoff run as previous ones? Do you think there is less buzz? If so, why?