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NBA standings update: Wizards win, don't make up much ground

The Wizards won on Wednesday. That's good! But so did a lot of other teams in their range.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Here is your Eastern Conference standings update.

WIZARDS FEELIN' JAZZED: You know about Wednesday's win, which I compared to the feeling of having to eat your vegetables. The Wizards entered the night firmly in fifth and they stayed that way with the win. Problem is ...

BROOOOOOK-LYN: The sixth-place Nets got a huge break when Zach Randolph was a late scratch and pounded the Grizzlies to remain a game back of fifth. For the first time in forever, the Nets are also over .500, and their schedule is very easy down the stretch.

RUNNING OF THE BULLS: Any hope of gaining ground on Chicago for fourth place was dashed when "Detroit" showed up on the schedule. Chicago's 105-94 victory was comfortable and featured another great Joakim Noah game. He's pretty good, you know.

The Bulls are now just percentage points behind Toronto for third and two games up on the Wizards for fourth.

AND FURTHER BACK: The seventh-place Bobcats closed their Stretch Of Death with an easy victory over the tired and offensively-inept Indiana Pacers. Charlotte's now four games back of fifth, and its schedule also eases up.

Here are the current standings.

  1. Indiana: 46-15
  2. Miami: 43-15 (1.5 back of Indiana)
  3. Toronto: 33-26
  4. Chicago: 34-27
  5. WASHINGTON: 32-29 (2 GB of Chicago)
  6. Brooklyn: 30-29 (1 GB of Washington)
  7. Charlotte: 28-33 (4 GB of Washington)
  8. Atlanta: 26-33
  9. Detroit: 24-37 (3 GB of Atlanta)
  10. Cleveland: 24-38 (3.5 GB of Atlanta)