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The Wizards did not clinch a playoff spot tonight

They needed the Knicks to lose to the Warriors, but that did not happen. The magic number stays at 1.


UPDATE: Nope, not tonight. The Knicks beat the Warriors, 89-84, in one of the ugliest games I've ever seen. The Wizards' magic number for the playoffs stays at 1. They'll get in officially with a victory over Charlotte or a Knicks loss to Utah on Monday.

Below is the original post.


The last time the Washington Wizards made the playoffs, George W. Bush was the President, Gilbert Arenas was an impending free agent, DeAndre Cortez Way (aka Soulja Boy) was at the height of his powers and Clinton Portis was the most well-known athlete in town. It's been a long time.

Tonight, the Washington Wizards could officially lock down their return to the NBA's biggest stage without actually playing. Should the New York Knicks, the East's current ninth-place team, fall to the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, they will be 8.5 games behind the Wizards with eight games to play. Thus, the Wizards will have no mathematical way of falling behind them.

This is your open thread to watch the game, discuss any other basketball matters and (hopefully) start officially making postseason plans. GO WARRIORS!