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Wizards vs. Grizzlies preview: Can Washington make it 7 in a row tonight?

The Wizards have been rolling lately to the tune of SIX wins in a row. Can they keep up the momentum against Memphis?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so remember that time the Wizards won five games in a row, then they played the sixth game and Trevor Ariza scored forty points and then they ended up winning their sixth game in a row? That was awesome.

The Wizards try to keep the momentum rolling after their 6-game win streak tonight against Memphis. The last time the Wizards had a 6-game win streak, Millard Fillmore was president. And the last time they had a 7-game win streak, I'm pretty sure it precipitated the War of the Roses. So if you're OK with a 100+ year war among various British factions, then you should join me rooting your guts out for the Wiz tonight.

Where and when? The game is tonight at 7pm at the Verizon Center. The roads still may be a bit slick, and MetroBus service has been canceled for the day. The Metro is still running, so that might be your best bet to get downtown. Tread carefully, folks.

Are they good? Well, even though they're not currently seeded in the playoffs in the Western Conference, they actually have a better record than the Wizards. Are they good? Yes. Are they better than the Wizards? It's debateable at this point in the season. The Wizards are hot, but the Grizzlies will have an advantage in the frontcourt.

Who's out? Well, Nene and Kevin Seraphin are still out. Which means Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are going to face off against Marcin Gortat and Trevor Booker. Hopefully the Wizards' backcourt and Lord Athreeza can keep the hot shooting going so the Wiz won't have to worry about their injuries.

Did you enjoy your snow day today? Yeah, it was pretty good. I slept in a bit, went to the gym, at lunch at home, hung out with my wife while we both worked a bit. Overall, a pretty nice day. How about y'all?

What are they good at? They're good at being big. They have that down pat.

What are they bad at? As I dust off my David and Goliath fable, I notice that it mentions that big things are often not fast. As a result, they have the slowest past in the league, and these lumbering giants will do their best to keep the game slow, lest the quick-footed Wizards run them out of the gym and launch a slingshot into their collective foreheads.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fun. I went to Boston for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Good people, interesting presentations, and lots of Baaahstaaaahn accents. Good times. You?

Can you believe it's already March? Seriously, though, that's crazy.