What did you say, Whitlock??

Did you guys see PTI yesterday? They did a happy trails to John Wall's 47-point game against the Grizzlies last season, and Tony asked if paying up a max contract based on that performance was a bet that paid off for the Wizards.

No, said Jason Whitlock, adding that Wall "doesn't matter" on a championship team. What? Dude why? Why would you just slam John Wall and dismiss the Wiz like that? Ok, let me rephrase. Why would you say that a 6'4 point guard with blazing speed and great decision making can't be a vital piece to a championship puzzle?



Then again, let's look at some other Jason Whitlock statements:

1. That Jadevian Clowney would win the Heisman. How did that work out for ya, Big Sexy?

2. RGIII "wants to be a Kardashian." Ugh.

3. He called Shaq fat. Pot, meet kettle.

4. Called Serena Williams a "Big Booty Woman" and a horse "grazing at her stall between matches."

5. He criticized Steven Tyler's National Anthem performance. Steve Tyler is a rock god.

Anyways, I would like to know what he meant by his statements about Wall. And again, why? Just why? I think Tony Parker, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Isiah Thomas would disagree.

I don't get the John Wall hate, but I hope John saw this and gets motivated all over again.

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