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Wizards at Nuggets preview & game thread: Can the Wizards break even on their road trip?

The Wizards wrap up their west coast road trip today against the Nuggets in Denver. Can they end it on a high note?

After a disappointing first two games on their short road trip out west, the Wizards took care of business against the struggling Lakers on Friday night. A much needed win, in which the only casualty seemed to be Drew Gooden's wallet,

Where and when? The game is at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, which is the best time. So like 3:00 PM Mountain Time, which is clearly the worst of the four US time zones. Also, it's being played at the Pepsi Center in Denver, where the lack of oxygen is always an advantage for the home team. The game will be on Comcast Sports Net.

Who is out? Nene's still out for the Wizards, and JaVale McGee's out for the Nuggets. So those two revenge game plot lines will have to be shelved for now. HOWEVER, we have the Andre Miller and Jan Vesely revenge games to look forward to! Bring the points, Professor Miller. And Airwolf it up, Airwolf!

What are they good at? They're great at being fast (thanks Ty Lawson!), and that's... about it. Lawson's always been a problem for Washington, but with Denver's depleted roster due to trade and injury, a new coaching system, an average offense and a below average defense, the Wizards should (SHOULD) be able to hold their own against them.

What are they bad at? They have four core rotation players that are out for the year (McGee, J.J. Hickson, Danilo Galinari, and Nate Robinson). They're bad at having luck on their side w/r/t injuries.

Are we going to get some revenge games, or what? Oh boy, do I hope so. I love revenge games. And frankly, as much as I don't want the Nuggets to win (obviously), I'd really like to see Vesely tear it up today.

Ed. Note: Some site difficulties today. Please continue to use this post as the game thread. Now, back to your regularly scheduled 'Zards-rooting.