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Marcin Gortat doesn't think his back injury is serious

The Wizards' center is pushing to play Friday after sitting out Thursday's loss to the Blazers with back pain.

The Wizards can't afford any more injuries, so when Marcin Gortat was a late scratch for Thursday's loss to the Trail Blazers because of a back issue, there was ample reason to freak out. However, Gortat, for his part, does not think this will be a long-term problem.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

"I pulled all the way to the end and I couldn't move it, so, I had kind of had like a block in my back, I guess a back spasm," Gortat said. "I'll be back. It's not a big deal. Just got to get a few exercises. Get a few treatments and I'll be back."

The Blazers' broadcast caught the moment that Gortat felt pain during warmups. Here's the video:

I mean ... that doesn't look good. It may just be a spasm that quickly goes away, but spasms often are results of some structural problem that's lurked beneath the surface. Gortat did admit he's felt some pain the last 6-7 days and only now is doing something about it, so that doesn't bode well.

Hopefully, this is quickly forgotten and Gortat comes back shortly. The Wizards should -- and we know "should" is relative -- be favored against the Lakers Friday with or without Gortat, so I'd exercise caution. Back issues are not to be downplayed.