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Drew Gooden signed for rest of season

As expected, the Wizards officially announced that Drew Gooden would stay in D.C. for the rest of the year.

Rob Carr

In a move widely reported several days ago, the Wizards have signed Drew Gooden for the rest of the season, the team announced in a very short press release. This was obvious after Gooden played his heart out in a win over the Brooklyn Nets over the weekend.

I was initially very skeptical that Gooden had anything left and disappointed that another Dan Fegan client was signed at random, but he's proved me wrong, as one very powerful man in the Wizards' organization notes. He's still a little rough defensively, but he's making shots, fighting on the glass and providing much-needed spacing for the AARP unit. I can't think of a 10-day contract player that has provided more around the league.

This means the Wizards again have 15 players under contract. You'll recall that one small benefit to the Andre Miller trade was that they opened up a roster spot while getting further away from the luxury-tax line. In essence, the Wizards traded Jan Vesely, Eric Maynor and the Pelicans' 2015 second-round pick for Andre Miller and Drew Gooden. So far, that trade has worked out well.