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Wizards vs. Cavaliers Preview: Don't overlook the team in disarray

The Cavaliers bring their literal and emotional baggage to the Verizon Center tonight. Here's what we can expect from the second visit by this team.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been paying attention or have been living under a rock, then you wouldn't have known that the Cavaliers are the most-talked-about team in the NBA right now... and not for good reasons. The Cavs were expected to be entering the "we've set the foundation, and now we need the big piece" part of their rebuild this year, and they have instead looked terrible. Reports of infighting, lackadaisical play, petulance, and a losing streak culminated in a home loss on Wednesday against a Lakers team with LITERALLY FOUR eligible players and the Thursday firing of the General Manager who constructed this rebuild.

The Cavs are in a freefall, and the Wizards need to make sure the away team doesn't pull the ripcord and land safely on its feet tonight in Chinatown.

Where and when? Tip off is at 7 p.m. at the Verizon Center. You can watch the game on Comcast SportsNet.

Are they good? Nope. They should be. In fact, they should be probably exactly as good as the Wizards, based on roster construction and rebuild trajectory. But alas, they are in disarray.

Who's out? For the Wizards, Al Harrington again. But hopefully, he'll be back soon! And Kyrie Irving didn't shoot around this morning because he is sick. So we may never get that John Wall Bradley Beal Kyrie Irving Dion Waiters game of our dreams. Well, at least my dreams.

What are they good at? Honestly, it's difficult to tell at this point. It's clear that this team is not equal to the sum of its parts, so on any given night, they could do something better than something else.

What are they bad at? Meeting expectations.

Who's going to win? There's always the chance that a team gets the ol' "hey, let's win one for the guy who just got fired!" win, but that usually happens with a coach and not a GM. Regardless, the Wizards lost in overtime to the Cavs last time they were in D.C., so I don't think the Wizards can afford to sleep on them. I think the Wizards will win, but I think they need to make sure they don't let Cleveland manage a Hulk-strength win.