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Suggestions for John Wall to use in the 2014 Dunk Contest

Now that we know John Wall is in, it's time to plot out a strategy so he can give the Wizards their first-ever Dunk Contest champion.

Mike Ehrmann

As you're all aware now, John Wall is going to be in the Dunk Contest this year. It's still amazing to think that in 30 year history of the contest, this is only the second time that there's been a participant from Washington, the other being JaVale McGee in 2011. As you may recall, McGee was robbed by a burly man who drove off with a choir in a Kia. Not that we're bitter or anything.

But alas, it's time to focus on 2014. Wall has couldn't have picked a much more difficult field to compete against, as he faces Paul George, Terrence Ross, Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes and Ben McLemore in a weird format that people will almost surely complain about in two weeks.

With the stakes so high and the format so confusing, we wanted to offer Wall some free dunk contest ideas (like Wall_Hopeful did here). We threw out some ideas on Twitter yesterday:

Now that we've had some time to think, here are a few more ideas:

  • Wall takes a selfie mid-dunk and awards himself a #SelfieOlympics gold medal. If you want to win the fan vote, you need to do something relevant and viral.
  • Wall dons a Michael Jordan Wizards jersey and recreates this failed dunk from the 2002 All-Star Game, but actually makes it instead of embarrassing himself.
  • Wall brings out an actor portraying a grumpy sportswriter with a notebook. He bounces the ball, takes off his shirt in midair to reveal his newest tattoo, then he throws it down shirtless. Afterwards, he glares at the sportswriter, who shakes his head (via Mike).
  • Wall endorses Red Bull, so in order to do some solid branding, he rigs himself up in a Flugtag contraption and launches himself off a steep ledge to complete a dunk. (NOTE: This is a ridiculously dangerous move which could jeopardize Wall's career and possibly his future quality of life.)
  • Wall pays homage to his assistant coach Sam Cassell by wrapping a towel around his head and jumping over a police barricade.
  • Line up three stacks of paper. The first stack should be small and have John Wall's name on it. The second one should be bigger and have Derrick Rose's name on it. Finally, the largest stack should have Kyrie Irving's name on it. Once they've been wheeled out, Wall should jump over all three stacks to complete a dunk. Get it? They're ballots. And John Wall is dunking over them because he should have started in the All-Star Game instead of them.
So those are some of our ideas. Got some more suggestions? Let's hear them in the comments.