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Question of the Game: Bradley Beal

Have a question for Bradley Beal? Of course you do, he's delightful! Leave it in the comments and he might answer it after the Wizards face San Antonio tonight!

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Hey Wiz fans, ever wanted to ask one of the players a question? Like, one about basketball or sandwiches or 18th century Russian literature?

Well good news, because here at Bullets Forever we're taking a little idea from our friends at Sactown Royalty and giving you the chance to pose Bradley Beal a question tonight.

The Question of the Game thread gives BF readers the chance to offer up a question for a particular player during a home game. Based on which question gets the highest number of recs (and general reasonableness, don't get weird), one of the BF writers will try to track down that player and ask him the question following the game.

Tonight, that's Beal as the Wizards host the San Antonio Spurs.

Just a couple rules: (a) Keep it limited to one question, unless it's a two-part deal where the two questions tie directly together. (b) No questions about being over .500, under .500, around .500 or the film 500 Days of Summer.

So, that's pretty much it! Leave your questions for Bradley in this thread, get clicking on those recs, and legggggggo Wizards!